Severe Weather Shelter
for Kitsap County

Shelter for the homeless on severe weather nights.

The Kingston Severe Weather Shelter is Open for Winter 2022-23!


The Kingston Severe Weather Shelter at the Village Green still needs some dedicated volunteers to staff the shelter and welcome our guests.

To volunteer for the Severe Weather Shelter please complete the volunteer application

For questions, please email and someone will get back to you promptly!

How else can you help?


$5 McDonald Gift Cards
Coffee Oasis Gift Cards
Over the Moon Coffee Roasters Gift Cards


Deodorant, wet wipes (individually packed), comb/brush combo, nail clippers, Chapstick
Gloves, hats, scarves, socks (men/women/children) – NO COTTON
Please place donated items in the box at the Village Green!   
Monetary donations may be made to Kingston Cares at their website:


Icy park in winter
Shelter icon

The Kingston Shelter System

During normal operations, Kingston Cares partners with the Village Green Community Center and Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management, and Housing and Homelessness organizations to provide shelter for the homeless in our community during periods of inclement weather.

  • Village Green provides the building and space for the emergency shelter.
  • Kitsap County trains shelter volunteers and determines when the shelter will be open.
  • Kingston Cares schedules the volunteers and sets up the shelter when activated by Kitsap County. 

How can you help?

Join our group of volunteers!

Help us staff the shelter during inclement weather.

To volunteer for the Severe Weather Shelter, you must fill out the Emergency Worker Registration Form with Kitsap County.

Severe Weather Shelter volunteers

Donate to Kingston Cares

We rely on you!
To effectively run the shelter and address needs of the clients, additional monetary support is required.  Please Donate!

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